Roman and Greek mythology
reborn as magical jewels
created by design visionaries.




Ars Signum in Latin means a craft that makes a mark,

a concept that is as meaningful today as it was in antiquity.


Ars Signum expresses with art and design the deep connection that the ancient Greeks and Romans held between their gods and heroes and the trades of the common man. A connection that Ars Signum honors today with these one-of-a-kind collections.




Diana Collection

Goddess of the hunt, the moon and wild animals

The bow and arrow represent the iconic symbols of hunting at the time, the half-moon, a loyal companion of Diana’s image reveals that she was a night lover; and the tiger symbolizes her huntress nature but also her role as a protector of wild animals, and a goddess of heavenly power



Milton Glaser

Designer | New York

The artistic vision of the renowned New York designer Milton Glaser about the goddess Diana is intriguing and unexpected.The design iconography presents a woman that is both the hunter, represented with the bow and arrow, and the wild animal, a feline that makes up her face.





Venus Collection

Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality

The goddess Venus still today represents the quintessential beauty, fertility and desire of the female.
The ancient Romans depicted her as a beautiful young woman riding on a chariot pulled by swans. Venus is without question the most recognized deity of love, beauty and the embodiment of sexuality.




Javier Romero

Designer | New York

The celebrated New York based designer who is well known for his graphic minimalist style portrays Venus with the beautiful simplicity of circles and spheres that represent the eternal beauty of the sun, the stars and the perfection of the womb. The triangle is one of the oldest symbols of the divine power of the female.




Athena Collection

Goddess of wisdom, science and justice

Athena was one of the most represented deities in Greek art and their symbolism exerted a profound influence on their own thinking of that culture, especially in the concepts of justice, wisdom and the social function of culture and arts, whose reflexes are perceptible until today in all of the Occident.




Josep Maria Subirachs

Designer | Barcelona

In the symbolic alphabet of Subirachs, “Cap, cor i carn” (meaning “head, heart and flesh”) define the totality of the human being, coinciding with the three parts of the soul of Plato. To symbolize them, Subirachs introduced three equilateral triangles, some geometric shapes which became symbolic elements.





Since 1981, the work of Ars Signum, a small artisanal atelier based in

Barcelona, has made a rare mark in jewelry design


Ars Signum began designing jewelry over 35 years ago in Barcelona, with the vision of bringing a unique personal feel to the art of jewelry making. Ars Signum’s handmade artisan jewelry collections become an intimate part of loving relationships in people’s lives everywhere. Ars Signum’s pieces such as our stunning diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and other original pieces featuring precious stones like Amethyst bring to life the eternal love affair between nature and design. Our Mythological Greco-Roman Design Jewelry project introduces a timeless concept, jewelry collections that combine divinity, world-class design and our handcrafted artisan jewelry making process. We continue our manufacturing in our family own atelier in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, with the same love for the art of jewelry making we had when we started our journey over 35 years ago. We look forward to bringing our craft to people’s most memorable moments all over the world.





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