Diana Collection

Goddess of the hunt, the moon, wild animals and woodland


The bow and arrow are the symbol of her huntress nature, and the half moon which also accompanied her representations suggests she was a night lover; and the tiger symbolizes her huntress nature as well as her role as a protector of wild animals. According to mythology, she stood eternally young, and with a brave character to achieve whatever she wanted.

diana collection

Venus Collection

Goddess of love and beauty


She is depicted as the most beautiful of women, young and beautiful, sitting on a chariot pulled by doves, swans or ducks.
Daughter of zeus and dione, born from the foam of the sea, she was married to hephaestus, by imposition of his father zeus, who wanted to reward him for inventing the lightning.


Venus Collection


Athena Collection

Goddess of wisdom, science and justice


Athena was one of the most represented deities in Greek art and their symbolism exerted a profound influence on their own thinking of that culture, especially in the concepts of justice, wisdom and the social function of culture and arts, whose reflexes are perceptible until today in all of the Occident.


Athena Collection


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